Tech for Global Good

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Meet the innovators using technology to tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges! Through this inspiring video series and standards-aligned classroom resources, students will learn to think like social innovators and create solutions to the biggest problems facing our planet.

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Lesson Plans

Inspire students with videos and lesson plans from Tech for Global Good. These resources celebrate innovators using technology to tackle the world’s biggest problems such as clean water, health inequity and climate change.


How can we deliver life-saving medical supplies to remote hospitals?


How can we diversify the field of artificial intelligence?


How can we increase access to safe, clean water in developing nations?

Amandla Mobi

How can those without internet access come together to create change?

Digital Lesson Bundle


Creating a Digital Ecosystem

2:37 min

How can we create a digital ecosystem to enable people around the world to help scientists collect data to protect our environment?

Tech for Global Citizenship

Grades 4-8

4 sessions (45-60 minutes each)

After learning about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, students will consider the idea of creating a digital ecosystem for the environment by designing an app for global good.

The Tech is thankful to these Laureate sponsors for helping inspire the next generation of problem-solvers:

Patrick McGovern Foundation (AI4ALL) • Judy and Erica Swanson (Zipline) • Mozilla (