About Tech for Tomorrow

Tech for Tomorrow is an education program for grades 4–8 designed to highlight the ways technology and innovation can better our world. Tech for Tomorrow’s mission is to introduce students to today’s cutting-edge technology and inspire them to create enduring innovations for the future.

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“Design challenges have definitely had a positive impact on my students, especially ones who are tactile learners and whose learning styles differ from traditional instructional pedagogy.”

— Billy Aguilar, 6th grade teacher

Cyber Detectives

Your students will step into the role of cyber sleuth in Cyber Detectives – a series of eight interactive activities designed to teach internet safety, privacy, and security. Your students will learn how to protect themselves from frauds and scams, how information passes through the internet, how to communicate in code, and much more!

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Prepare for Earth Day 2020 with Tech for Global Good!

Meet the innovators using technology to tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges! Through this inspiring video series and standards-aligned classroom resources, students will learn to think like social innovators and create solutions to the biggest problems facing our planet.

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Featured Program Sections

Cyber Detectives

Teach your students to be cyber sleuths and stay safe on the internet with eight classroom activities introducing students to scams, coding, and strategies for internet safety.

Tech for Global Good

Meet the innovators solving the world’s greatest challenges and motivate your students to create change with an inspiring video series and standards-aligned classroom resources.

Virtual Field Trip

This Virtual Field Trip will provide students with an all-access pass to The Tech Interactive’s most exciting exhibits AND a road trip to one of the most famous sites in California: Silicon Valley, to meet some of tech’s leading professionals.

More Resources

Find more resources for your classroom from The Tech Interactive and explore Design Challenge Learning today!

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