Solve For Earth

Little Changes with Big Impacts

Sparking sustainable action in students’ daily lives is as simple as teaching them the importance of living in balance. Show your students easy ways to make their world a better place without leaving home using this empowering self-paced learning module and companion educator guide. Students will take a closer look at their own daily routine and discover the potential to make positive change through each one of the choices they make.

Launch Module


Taking the Sustainable Way Every Day

20 minutes

What does “saving the environment” look like on an individual level? Motivate students to make more eco-conscious choices as they get ready for school in the morning with this inspiring digital interactive.

Companion Educator Guide

Grades 6-8

45-60 minutes

Explore everyday sustainable solutions within the context of students’ lives using helpful background information, lesson extensions, educator tips and more.

FordThis self-paced module is made possible in part with the generous support of Ford.